women showcasing their basic computer skills

Basic Computer Skills You Need to Know for Professional Success

In today's day and age, basic computer skills are a necessary part of daily life. Honing these skills can help further your personal and professional life.
man using his laptop for his work

Surviving a Computer Crash with the Least Possible Pain and Loss

A computer crash the most frustrating computer problem you'll ever have to deal with and to make matters worse they can appear out of nowhere.

MAINGEAR Gaming PCs – The Gaming Champions Preferred Rig

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Western Digital Hard Drives

Western Digital Hard Drives – The Best Ones in the Market...

Users who love their multimedia files like videos, music, and photos can use all the storage space that they can get.Thus, it’s important to...
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Gamecube Controller Alternatives – The Top 7 Replacements in the Market

When looking back to old-generation video game consoles, the Nintendo GameCube always ends up as the butt of jokes.The β€œhardcore” gamers deemed it as...